Why education?

A highly skilled staff ensures your operations run more cost-efficiently, residents and staff are more satisfied and a greater number of your apartments stay occupied, all resulting in a substantial increase in your organization’s value. Simply put, a highly educated and trained staff equals an improved bottom line.

how can aasc help?

The Apartment Association of Southern Colorado (AASC) is a hub for Property Management education and believes in the importance and impact that continuing education has on a career. Our industry is dynamic and always changing and the best way to stay ahead and keep the competitive advantage is to keep yourself well educated and knowledgeable about industry trends, practices, technology, legislation, and more - through online and classroom training.

Online Education

Don't have the staff coverage to attend as many off-site trainings as you'd like? Looking for a convenient way to provide quality training to your employees? AASC's distance learning programs are the ideal solution! Click here to view online offerings.

NAA professional CREDENTIALS programs

Education programs and credentials of the National Apartment Association are the premier offerings for multi-family housing professionals. Credential holders are recognized and respected for excellence throughout the industry. Through the AASC, your staff can fully obtain any of the NAA credentials or simply take advantage of individual program modules. Learn more here.