The Apartment Association of Southern Colorado (AASC) was established in 1970 under the name Pikes Peak Apartment Association. Its primary objective was to advocate for the rental housing industry. The chapter was organized by Jim Curry, Don Willman, and Byron Church, with an initial membership of around 40 active participants. Over the years, as the apartment sector experienced significant growth, the association steadily expanded.

In 1973, during the well-known gas tap moratorium that severely impacted the industry, the association faced a major setback. However, resilient individuals like Mickey Stanley, Fred Veitch, Rich Walker, and others stepped up to rebuild and lead the recovery efforts. Gradually, the industry regained its strength and flourished.

Presently, AASC continues to grow, boasting a membership that exceeds 45,000 rental units and includes 600 members. The association actively engages in various programs aimed at enhancing the professionalism of its members and increasing the political influence of the rental housing industry. True to its charter, AASC remains the authoritative voice for multi-family housing in the Pikes Peak Region.

In January 2008, the association expanded its scope by acquiring the charter for Pueblo and the surrounding communities. Consequently, the name was changed from the Apartment Association of Colorado Springs to the Apartment Association of Southern Colorado


“To serve as the trusted leader and voice of the Southern Colorado rental housing industry through advocacy, education, and collaboration.”


"Our community's essential connection and leading advocate for the rental housing industry."

We invite you to be a part of this tremendous group of industry professionals, to contribute your talents and experience, give back to the industry and really make a difference!