Organization Overview

Quantum Fiber represents a leap forward into the next generation of fully digital internet solutions. We open new possibilities for builders, developers, and property owners ready to modernize their properties and future builds. Our expert Connected Communities team forms trusted, long-term partnerships by creating tailored solutions for residential properties. Through the power of our Tier 1 fiber network, infrastructure, and global cyber monitoring, Quantum Fiber delivers on our promise to provide an exceptional internet service built for what’s now and what’s next. Contact Todd to see how we can get fiber into your community!
Todd Needler
Todd Needler Senior Account Manager
Alexis Todd Marketing Manager
Dan Mathis Outside Sales Representative
Joette Cartagena Outside Sales Representative
Melissa Spencer Sales Engineer
Terry Dantzler Sr Program Manager
AASC Logo Supplier

Areas of Expertise
Cable/Digital Television, Internet Service Provider, Utility Leak & Line Location
What areas of Colorado do you service?
All of Colorado