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2023 Chili Cook Off

2023 Chili Cook Off

The AASC Chili Cookoff is back for 2023! You won't want to miss out!

Friday, October 27, 2023
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (MDT)
126 Seats Remaining

* Registration open until 10/27/23 at 12:00 AM (MST)

Event Details


Get your taste buds ready for an electrifying culinary competition – the Spice Showdown Chili Cook-Off is here! Prepare to be amazed by an array of mouthwatering chilis that push the boundaries of flavor and creativity. Join us for a thrilling event full of intense competition and unforgettable gastronomical experiences.

🏆 Exciting Categories and Prizes: 🏆

  • Best Red Chili: Prepare your finest red chili recipe for this category. The Best Red Chili award goes to the chef who crafts a rich, flavorful, and perfectly balanced red chili. The winner will take home the coveted title and a prize that recognizes their mastery of the classic red chili.
  • Best Green Chili: Bring out the vibrant flavors of green chilies in this category. The Best Green Chili award is for the chef who excels in creating a zesty and delightful green chili dish. Judges will be looking for creativity, taste, and authenticity. The winner will receive the title of Best Green Chili chef and a prize to match their culinary expertise.
  • Best Specialty Chili: Unleash your creativity and culinary skills in the Best Specialty Chili category. This is the place for unique and unconventional chili creations. Whether it's an exotic ingredient, a fusion of cuisines, or a groundbreaking cooking technique, the chef with the most exceptional specialty chili will be honored. The winner will receive recognition for their innovation and a prize that celebrates their culinary daring.
  • Best Overall Chili: The pinnacle of the event! Which chili master will emerge victorious, claiming the title of "Best Overall"? The top chef in this category will seize a well-deserved prize and eternal bragging rights. Judges will be looking for a chili that excels in taste, aroma, texture, and creativity.
  • Best Dessert: A delightful twist on tradition. Indulge in chili-inspired desserts that showcase the sweeter side of the competition. The winner will receive an enticing prize for their innovative confection. Judges will be evaluating not only the taste but also the creativity and presentation of the chili dessert creations.

🎉 Event Highlights: 🎉

  • Expert judges with a deep appreciation for the culinary arts will determine the winners in each category.
  • Online ticketing offers easy access for all attendees.
  • Engaging social interactions, as you vote for the People's Choice Award.
  • A flavorful journey through a variety of chili creations, each one competing for your taste bud's attention.

🎟️ Tickets: 🎟️ Secure your spot by grabbing your tickets online – the only way to gain entry to this thrilling chili extravaganza!

Prepare for a showdown of flavors that will leave you craving more. The Spice Showdown Chili Cook-Off is not just an event; it's an experience that promises a day filled with culinary excitement and taste bud revelations. Don't miss out!

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